13 May 2008

So, I know it has been a while, and I have no good excuse, just haven't posted in a while. The garden is coming along nicely, the ornamental onion has just started blooming today. Very pretty. I will get pictures at some point before it is done, hopefully. Also, I have freed myself of some of my junk. April Sue's momma had a garage sale, and was willing to sell some of my stuff. It was so liberating to go down in the basement an clear some of our stuff out. Things we have not used since we got married. IT WAS AWESOME!! And... the even better news is that she plans to have another sale in a few weeks, and I will be able to give her more. I am so excited. We found Matt's fourth grade journal in the process, and it was quite interesting to peer into the life of a fourth grade Matt Fall. We discovered that his attention to detail began younger than Matt had estimated. "then we went to Grama's house for ...oh...22 minutes, I was 4 2/4 tired." We had a good laugh reading through the stresses of a fourth grader. Anyhow, Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the mammas out there! We went to Saginaw and visited my family, although the trip sprouted out of a need for a place to stay because I went to Kris's shower in Freeland on Saturday, it was great to visit family. We had good food, naps, and lots of playing... And, we even got to see Matt's parents for a while, it was a great weekend!! Here are some pictures...

Tommy's dinner spot

Dinner Saturday (Missy, Jordan, Bill, My Dad, Heddy, and My Mamma)

Bill and Jordan

As previously stated...naps were had

I am suprised he was willing to nap in his crib again after all of the cuddles that he got this weekend! But...he has adjusted well.

My boys...Aren't they cute??

I really like these pictures, he is such a cuddle bug!

Fun at the PlayScape, Timmy at his finest!! :)


Cara Masselink said...

those are some great pictures! i love the one of matt and tommy. they are super cute. happy belated mother's day to you too!

Peyton and Brennan said...

We just unloaded a bunch a crap at our garage sale and yes, it feels wonderful.

Happy belated Mother's Day to you too!

Nice pictures, he is growing up so fast.

A full house... said...

Your mom looks so much like Grandma it's scary. Looks like you had a great weekend. Tommy is such a doll.

Anonymous said...

He is sooooo darn adorable. And I hope his tummy is doing better since being able to narrow things down. I will be returning a bit early (I changed my return flight to Monday AM)... and although I will stop by a meeting in the afternoon I will still be taking the rest of the time as vaca (I think.) :) I miss you and hope you have a great week!