25 May 2008

having fun so far this weekend...

Aren't you proud of me- updates three days in a row! I am so excited that the weekend is not over yet. We have been so relaxed. Yesterday, we picked up the plate that we made at Make it Yours! last weekend. It is very cute if I do say so my self. We put Tommy's footprints on a plate. Then, we went shopping and to the park. Tommy got to play in the sand. He loves getting dirty!! Today, we went to Gee Farms. Check it out, it is this AWESOME farm about 5 minutes from our house. Matt and I love to walk around. They have so many flowers, trees, veggies, bushes,etc. I love going there. There is ice cream there too, but we have yet to partake in that. Although it gets harder and harder to resist every time.Thomas loved feeling the different leaves on the trees, and we even got to see a baby pony, it was adorable. Well, we have grilled almost every meal this weekend, and Matt's famous ribs are up tomorrow, I can not wait. Happy Memorial Day!

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