02 December 2008

I know

So, I am a bad blogger. Here is a quick update, since it has been over a month since I have updated you (I say "you" as if anyone is still following this blog...)

We did Halloween...

...Daddy took us to Cabelas, Tommy loved the fish tank...

...and then Mommy and Daddy had a great "adult" get away to Traverse City...

...and then there was Thanksgiving (Tommy has a new little cousin, how cute)...

...and a little bit of family time at the bowling alley (we were inspired by wii, but it is much harder in real life)...

...so, I will try to be better, we'll see how it goes. For those of you who do not know, Tommy is a walking, climbing, new word saying machine. He knows where his nose and ears are, he loves help out with anything around the house. He is constantly trying to figure out the world around him. We love our little dude. Matt still has a job, although it is a scary time to be a slave to the auto industry. I still love my job. I hope that I will not disappoint you all with my lack of blogging, I just look at a computer all day at work, and it is hard to get on one when I get home. I promise to try though. By the way, if anyone is interested in a good whole chicken recipe, I cooked a great one tonight. Let me know.

21 October 2008

the big mystery...

So, we had a good weekend, Matt and I made applesauce on Sunday. It is quite yummy! While we were discussing who should stir the apples, Thomas was trying to figure out where the strange square of light came from. It was a mystery.

What is this box of light doing on the carpet???
Does it look different close up???

How about from this angle???
Where is it coming from?? Maybe over here in the corner...

Well, the mystery was put on hold, because the applesauce was cooling on the stove, so we went out to play in the leaves, Tommy had a great time. He loved it.

Tonight, Tommy and Mommy went for a walk. It was 40 degrees. Did Mommy overdress Tommy? Maybe. Did he look adorable? Yes. Did he say hi to everyone we saw on the walk? Yes.

That's about it for now... Thanks for stopping by...Oh yeah, by the way, we officially have a certified walker on our hands. He now prefers walking to crawling, and will walk all the way across the room and is adorable while doing it.

14 October 2008

the farm

After Heddy and I got our hair cut, we went to the farm on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. There were animals (pigs, chickens, a goat, a lamb, ponies, turkeys, etc.) that Tommy was facinated with. Matt had to hold him back from sticking his hand in at the pigs. Although, nothing was quite as interesting as the bumpy pumpkins. Those were pretty cool in his book. (Yes, he is lifting the pumpkin. he is a strong little guy.)Matt, Heather and I enjoyed the cider, donuts and carmel apples. Tommy loved watching the cider being made, and babbled about the bee hive for quite some time. Overall, it was a very successful trip. We were too late for a hayride, but that just gives us an excuse to go again :)

10 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch and bonus material

We picked out pumpkins last weekend. It was so much fun. Tommy played the pumpkins like a drum. He loved it. I loved it. Gram loved it. We picked out one for Tommy, one for Timmy, and one for "Timmy's Baby" ( Timmy is my older sister's 2nd grade son who calls his new brother to be "my baby"). A good time was had by all. And the wedding pictures are in:

05 October 2008


Before you read this, know that cute pictures of Tommy's trip to the pumpkin patch with Gram and Mommy are coming in the next day or so...

Okay, so we had Chili on Friday, and I have to share the awesomeness of my chili with you in the only way I can at this point. Yummy! One of my favorite things to make in the Fall and Winter has to be Chili! I strongly encourage you to make some. Here is the not so secret Katie and Matt Recipe (in the interest of full disclosure you should know that Matt will always add ingredients when I am not looking, so it never tastes the same twice, but it is always yummy):

Start by browning 1 lb of hot sausage (I typically use the Bob Evans for this) and 1 lb of ground beef. Brown this in about 1/4 cup beer and about a tablespoon of House of Tsang Mongolian Fire Oil (sounds intimidating but it isn't hot) in a large soup pot. At this point your kitchen (or whole house) will smell like yucky beer. Do not fear, it will get better.Add 1 cup chicken broth.

Add 2 large cans of whole tomatoes.
Add one chopped large onion, one chopped large green pepper, 2-4 finely chopped jalapeno peppers ( without the seeds), and 4-6 minced cloves of garlic. When you are deseeding the jalapeno, don't do it with your fingers, I have not been able to put my contacts it since Friday because of my carelessness, always use a spoon or something to do this.

Add well rinsed dark red kidney beans (the more you rinse, the less you toot, trust me the rinsing is an important step that should not be ignored).Add 2 Tbsp. Chili Powder. Not only does Chili powder give this dish it's Chili taste, it almost immediately gets rid of the yucky beer stink.

Add 1 tsp. cumin powder

Add a drained can of corn. Seriously, it tastes good with corn. I promise. Plus it adds a pop of color, which is always fun.
Simmer for 3-4 hours on low, covered, stirring occasionally. You will need to mush the tomatoes as you are stirring. The longer you let it cook, the easier the tomato situation will get. If you are rushing, I have resorted to using my masked potato masher to break up the tomatoes. It works, but I would recommend good old fashioned patience for this, the longer it cooks, the better all of the flavors blend together.

Serve with sharp cheddar cheese, chopped green onion and sour cream. ( I skip the sour cream, but Matt insists that it tastes good...)I have also thrown it all in a crock pot and left it on low all day. It is yummy. Have I mentioned that it is yummy!

Let me know if you try it, and how it turns out.