13 July 2008

We're Back

What a great vacation... a great time was had by all... here are some of the pictures, and I really do mean only some, it was hard to narrow down!

Uncle Terry went to the art festival with us!


Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Fall with the kiddos

Grandma Fall and Tommy had a blast!

Tubbies in Grandma's sink were AWESOME!!

Molly and Tommy ( I know it is sideways...I messed up...)

Sam and Tommy

Jack and Tommy

Tommy with the Arthur Crew (lunch in the park). By the way, their mom and grandma (my cousin and aunt) own a store in Petoskey, Parkside North. It was just voted the BEST GIFT SHOP of the NORTHWEST!! Way to go!!! If you need a gift for someone, or yourself, visit them in person if you are ever up that way, or on the web. I highly recommend the eco friendly dish soap and counter top cleanser, and the crabtree stuff is all awesome...

The Tall Ship

Grandma and Grandpa ball with Jonah, Annalisa and Tommy on the Tall Ship

Matt and his Dad helping get the sails up

Proud Grandpa!!

My mommy and daddy

This is what Tommy got to do with Aunt Heddy during the wedding. He had so much fun :)

I am so proud of this wedding! Andy and Kristin are the perfect couple, they are so cute!! Their wedding was a blast! (Plus I have an extra sense of pride since they met at our wedding)

Okay... so I am not looking forward to going back to reality tomorrow, but it will be okay...

03 July 2008

Traverse City here we come...

fyi...we will be out of town until the 13th...going to traverse, then petoskey, then midland for a wedding...see you when we get back...i did pack the camera, so i will have pictures when we get back.

01 July 2008

running after spending all day in heels

So, I had to get dressed up today for work. And I think I looked pretty darn good. We had a meeting with many of the athletic directors from other colleges, and I figured sweatpants were not appropriate. Anyhow, I walked around all day in heels and my feet were killing me by the end of the day, because I was just not used to it. Oh my goodness, I was so not ready for the pain that would come on my run tonight though. Holy cow! My calves were so tight when I was done, that walking was actually more painful than running and I had to have Matt stretch out my legs because I could not even stand very well by the end of it. My legs were rock solid, and I could not get the pain to go away. After a hot shower and an hour on the couch I am back in the land of the living. The worst part about it was that I felt really good otherwise during the run. I was not out of breath at any point, and I was actually feeling great in the cardio department, my lower legs just would not cooperate. I have just learned that I probably can not handle running at night after a long day in very uncomfortable shoes.