31 March 2008

Annalisa's Party

So...I was awful and forgot my camera this weekend at Tommy's cousin's party. Everyone was adorable though, and lots of pics were taken. If I get any sent on to me I will post them. Annilisa was hilarious! Everything she opened was "Just what I wanted!!!!!" It was great fun. Sorry so short. Matt just finished a paper so I have a second on the computer, but I am going to go spend some time with him...feel like we never see eachother anymore. Being parents working opposite shifts, and his school- time gets away from us! I will try to take some cute pics tomorrow...TTFN! (those of you who know tigger should know that one)

27 March 2008

NEVER buy an Alero

Thank your lucky stars that Oldsmobile is dead...you will not be tempted to EVER buy their product. Tommy and I were stuck in the bank parking lot today with a car that would not start, because Oldsmobile has this "fantastic" anti-theft system. Basically, if the wiring gets off line or something, you can never start your car again-unless- you pay the dealer a thousand bucks. It was horrible. I hope to get my car back tomorrow, the running tally is re-freagin-diculous. We have thus far replaced the following things:
  • the transmission
  • heater fan
  • HVAC module (twice)
  • wiper transmission (twice)
  • brakes
  • alternator
  • tie rods
  • side mirror
  • front bumper (some crazy lady hit me when I was pregnant)
  • body control module
  • lock pass module
  • PLUS...every time I do not click the gas cap exactly 3 times- no more, no less- the service engine soon light comes on, which is no biggie, just very irritating
I should mention that this is a 2004. So...if it were a kid, he would be in preschool.

I think I have ranted enough. Have a good one!!

23 March 2008


So...I think that the Fall Family looked pretty good this Easter, don't you? We went to church, then Matt's Grandparents, Tommy got to see his cousins, it was a lot of fun, and the food was fantastic- many thanks to uncle Terry for the lamb and the best potatoes that I have ever tasted! Well, everything was fab- Matt's mom made my favorite salad, and his sister made amazing cake, it was a great Easter!

22 March 2008

Happy Easter! I went shopping today. I would not recommend going to WalMart on the Saturday before Easter ever-it was a madhouse. But, I had to get diapers and baby food, and I had a secret mission. I was putting together an easter basket for Matt. All I needed was Reese's Peanut butter Eggs. I did not think that it would be that difficult. I ended up going to 4 stores before I found any. I did not realize how popular they were. It was ridiculous-but-Matt loves them, and he gave up sweets for lent. We are traveling tomorrow to go to Matt's Grandma and Grandpa's house, I am excited to have Easter dinner. It will be fun.

Here is your Tommy fix-if you need one. Who doesn't need one?

21 March 2008

phew...what a week.

I have to start out by saying that I am sorry for the delay in pictures, have had issues with my SD card. But, tonight we were back up and running. April Sue took some pretty cute ones of him at work the other day, I will post them someday. :) I went for an MRI on the jaw today. Boy, was that ever fun. I am not claustrophobic, but that particular test could convince anyone that they are. geez... but I digress, none of you are interested in me, you just came here to get your Tommy fix. Major milestone of the day...Tommy put himself to sleep, without a pacifier. I read him his books, we said our prayers, and I put him in his crib. He talked to himself for 20 minutes or so, but never got upset, and he fell asleep. It was very cute, although I am not sure if I am ready to give up totally on cuddling him to sleep, that will be tough for me. Swim lessons again tomorrow, I am very excited! He went to his first baseball game this week. Yesterday was a great day to be a Jet. JCC's baseball and softball team both swept doubleheaders. Again...getting to what you all want to see, here are some Tommy pics. I attempted to get some Easter shots, but, I am not great with the camera, and he kept moving, which was pretty cute...here he is....

15 March 2008


For those of you who are wondering why I hsvr not posted lately. I have had a really busy week, and Matt has been really busy with school, making my access to the computer quite limited. So summary of my week: work, multiple dr appointments, mom visiting, swim lessons...can't post any pictures, my sd card is not reading. Will try again tomorrow....


Aunt Sue’s Macaroni and Cheese

¼ cup butter or margarine

¼ cup flour

2 cups warm milk

Dash of pepper

½ teaspoon or more of hot-pepper sauce

½ cup heavy cream

12 ounces sharp cheddar cheese shredded coarsely (about 3 cups) divided

8 ounces 2 cups macaroni elbows or favorite pasta cooked and drained

In a heavy saucepan over low heat melt butter. Add flour, stir with wooden spoon or spatula 3 minutes or until mix is frothy and taste of raw flour is gone. Gradually stir warm milk into mix. Turn up heat – stir until sauce is just at boiling point. Turn down heat, let simmer few minutes. Add pepper and hot-pepper sauce. (don’t use pepper sauce too sparingly, it will help bring out the cheese taste). Stir in heavy cream, simmer briefly or until flavors are blended. Stir ¾ cheese into simmering sauce until melted, combine cheese sauce with macaroni. Pour into greased 2 quart dish. Sprinkle with remaining cheese, bake in pre-heated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or until bubbly and light brown.


Serves 4

11 March 2008

BG in the Free Press


Check this out. Good article. Brandon Goyings is a great kid, met him at JCC.

More later.

09 March 2008

Swim Lesson

Swim lessons were yesterday. We had so much fun!! Thomas did awesome! He was so comfortable, and did not even mind when I dunked him under water. Got no pictures of the lesson, but Matt did take this one after it was all over. He was cold!!! He slept for about 2 hours after it was all over, and woke up ready to play! Been pretty lazy today, adjusting to losing an hour. I have been asked to post the recipie to the mac and cheese, and I will. Look for it sometime this week.

07 March 2008

Another day off...

Ahh... the joy of working in higher ed. Today was "spring Friday". So, Tommy and I got to hang out again. We went grocery shopping, he slept the whole time. We played, he ate, he pooped, that's about it. No blanket has been made yet, I got distracted by the idea of making stuffed blocks out of scrap material. I made one, It's actually pretty cute. The biggest accomplishment of the day was home made mac and cheese though. Doesn't it look yummy??? It is a recipie my Aunt Sue gave me, and it was delicious! Swim lessons tomorrow, we'll see how that goes!

06 March 2008

Day off

So...I did not have to work today! Now, a year ago, that meant sleeping in, watching TV, and making a yummy dinner. Then, there was Tommy. We were up at 4:45, and he went back to sleep quickly, I just tucked him in and put my hand on his chest. So, I thought I was good for another hour or two. Went back to bed, and Matt's alarm went off at 5. Then he remembered he did not have to go into work until later today. So, back to sleep. Tommy got up hungry at about 5:30, and after eating went back to sleep. So I went back to sleep, until 7:15 when I was done sleeping. No clue why, just done. Geez...I never thought I would reach the point in my life where my body was done with sleep by 7:15. Anyhow, tried to take a bath, but as soon as my feet hit the water, Tommy woke up. So, I ended up showering with him in the bouncy seat next to the shower. After I was clean, Tommy ate some breakfast, and we packed up to go to the YMCA. I needed to finish registering him for swimming lessons. So, I ran into some people there that I used to work with, and of course they are in love with the little guy. I know they were all shocked at my size (3 pant sizes bigger than when I worked there). No one said anything though. I found out that the girl teaching our lesson on Saturday is one that I trained and hired to work there. I hope that there is no akwardness. Anyhow, I think that is it for the day. We came home and he is taking a nap right now, we'll see how long that lasts. I think I am going to attempt to make him a blanket. Which will make Matt happy. He bought me a sewing maching for Christmas one year, and I do not use it nearly enough. I'll see how the blanket making goes.

05 March 2008

So...I'm gonna try this blogging thing.

Hello! Not a great writer, but I love bragging about my adorable, awesesome, intelligent son, so I'm gonna give this blogging thing a chance. Tommy is now 51/2 months old, and has been a blessing from day one. He is pretty much the cutest thing in the entire universe. More later. I will pick out some pictures. So far, not so good with the blogging.