24 May 2008

garden pictures

So, as I expressed in yesterdays blog, I am quite proud of my green thumb this year. Not being pregnant has helped with the motivation to water, weed, dig, etc. and the garden looks pretty good so far. Most things are on the verge of blooming. so here is the updated garden...The flowers I so brilliantly chose are: (Left to right)
  • Foxglove (pink spikey flower, the hummingbirds and butterflies loved this one last year)
  • the Irises around the tree
  • the Irises that I did not plant- just threw them in the woods
  • Ornamental Onion
  • Hanging basket with Petunias and Superbells
  • Day Lillies
  • Purple emperor sedum (this has spread considerably since last year)
  • lavender (probably the plants that have struggled the most, but I think that I have saved them)
  • Shasta Dasies- my personal favorite
  • Hosta (this one has purple flowers)
  • John Creech Sedum Hybrid- has cute little pink flowers, you can step on this once or twice a day, and it has no adverse reaction, thus it is planted around the stepping stones, and has absolutely taken off since it was planted last year.
  • Matt's pig, with diamond frost Euphorbia
  • pot on the deck with one of my gnomes
  • Beard Tongue (already these are about 3 times the size that it was last year, I think that they were being choked out last year, but they have more room now and they seem to appreciate it very much.)
  • The maple tree that we bought from QVC, so far so good, we staked it.
  • Asiatic Lilies- probably the prettiest flower that grows in our garden, they are awesome and are pretty darn tall this year.
  • another gnome
So...that's it. I know it is boring to most of you, but I am loving this whole gardening experience. I think that Matt and I are going to buy some tomatoes and cucumbers to grow on the side of the house and that will be the extent of the veggies this year, but eventually we will be putting in a small veggie garden in the back, we'll see.

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