04 May 2008

The Garden...so far

So, as many of you know, Matt and I built a perennial garden last year. A lot of the flowers are coming back. I am so excited that I did not kill anything, other than the canna. I knew that the canna would not come back though, because I was supposed to dig it up at the end of the year, and I was otherwise occupied with being nine months pregnant when it was time to do the digging. We went this weekend to Menards to get a couple of annuals for all of my pots. So I took a picture of a couple of them. I realize now that I did not take a picture of my amazing lillies, so I will at some point. Anyhow, here are some of the flowers that are coming back. I did not want to totally bore you with all of them, so I have narrowed down the pics to these... Happy Spring!! I love this season :)

Daisies- my favorite - I can not wait.

Okay...I would just like to point out that Matt picked this pot out...seriously...he found it at Menards and asked if I would like to buy it, very cute. By the way that is diamond frost "euphorbia" in the pig.


parrot tulip (one of my favorites)

petunias and superbells

Japanese Maple Tree (added this year)

deck pot (petunias and diamond frost)

Beard's Tongue


How did that picture get in here??


Cara Masselink said...

What great flowers! It looks like you guys have a beautiful yard.
That picture of Tommy is way too cute! I so love bathtub pics.

Heather said...

and Tommy steals the show again..... that has to be one of my favorite pictures of him! I cannot wait to see you guys this weekend.