20 May 2009

Your monthly Fall house pictoral update...

So, I know that your expectations of this blog are low, as far as updates go, but I will keep doing monthly updates at least. My job requires that I spend a lot of time on the computer now, and I just have no desire to stare at the screen once I get home... However, I do love sharing pictures of our little cutie with the world, so I will not give up on this blogging thing yet.Things have been busy as always here at the Fall house. We are loving spring!! We bought new bikes, and riding has been fantastic! Side note- I have exercise induced hives, which makes it so that when too much blood flows (increased heart rate, etc.) I break out. The breakouts are specific to the area I am working. (ie. when I am running, my thighs break out) Anyhow, I say that to say this: I love my new bike. I have never been able to ride without my hands breaking out severely due to the vibration on the handlebars (this is the same reason I can not push a lawnmower) However, my new bike has great shocks! I have not had one single issue with my hands! It is glorious! I am so excited, I ride it just about every day. We are borrowing a little bike trialer thingy from my Mom for Thomas to use, and he is loving it! "Go fast, Mommy! Go fast!" He is a great little motivator!
Tommy's language continues developing so much every day. He loves to communicate. He really can get stuck on a theme though... Matt's grandpa passed away peacefully last week, and will be greatly missed. Tommy loved to sit on his lap. We were able to spend some quality time with the Fall side of our family through this difficult time, and it was quite refreshing. Matt's sister and her fiancee flew in from New York for the funeral, and Tommy got to meet his Uncle Mike. Something about Uncle Mike really captured Tommy. He really enjoyed spending time with him. We were in the car for a half hour trip that somehow took us an hour, and practly the whole time, Tommy kept saying, "Mike! Hey! Uncle Mike! Hey, Mike!" and when Michael turned around and said, "Tommy!" Tommy would laugh, and laugh and laugh. I am not kidding you, this game lasted at least 20 minutes. I was afraid that Michael may need a neck brace after turning his head back and forth so much, but Tommy really enjoyed the game. I had a similar Tommy experience this afternoon driving back from daycare with him. Shortly after we left campus, he yelled very clearly from the back seat, "No more monkies jumping...bed" I took this as a cue to sing the song, and everytime we got to the "No more monkies..." part, Thomas would yell along. We did this the ENTIRE 30 minute ride home. My mouth was very dry once I arrived home.
Wow! This is turning into quite a long post! Here are some updated pictures of the cool little dude:
I am loving the gardening again this year. There is something marvelous about a well planned perinnal garden. The plants we have put in have continued to thrive, and we are likely in need of dividing many of them in the fall. They are just getting too big for their space. I will post some pictures of the Beard Tounge, Daisies, Sedum and other perennials as they bloom, but for now here are some garden pictures:
Some sedum that is really taking off
My favorite late spring bulb, ornamental onion.
Some bleeding hearts, Thanks Angie! They are doing great!

That is all that is in bloom in the planned garden areas, but I went for a walk in the woods on our property and found a couple of flowers. I also took some peaceful pictures that I really like, and well, since it is my blog after all, I am going to share them.I know that this one is Trillium, because I have been on the hunt for one of these, and could not find it at any of our local nursery. Matt happened to see one out of the corner deep in the woods when he was cutting the grass. I can not believe that we have been looking everywhere and it is growing wild on our property. I have since learned that is is an endangered, protected plant, Native to Michigan, so I think I will just leave them where they are, since they are so beautiful.Does anyone know what this beautiful little blueish purpleish flower is?

04 May 2009

Happy Star Wars Day!

What??? Happy Star Wars Day???

Yes... May the 4th be with you.