29 May 2008

Doing Better...

Thomas is starting to gain weight again! about a half of a pound in less than a week. The doctor was impressed. Matt and I have been packing him with rice cereal and he has been breast feeding a little bit more. Plus, we have figured out the causes of the spitting up, so he is actually keeping food in his belly! Less laundry! Yipee! Anyhow, his new favorite thing is these teething biscuits. He thinks they are delicious. (Dash does too, he swoops in once Tommy loses interest and gobbles it up.) Tommy laughs and talks the whole time he is eating them, which is usually a good 15 minutes before it gets sacrificed to the puppy. It is quite entertaining! TTFN!

26 May 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

It was a good day! Rain was in the forecast, but not much came our way. 80 degree weather was a good excuse to break in Tommy's pool. Yes, Grama he was wearing sunscreen. I know he is not in a full length body suit, but I swear, no sun burn. :) Thomas loved the pool experience, as you can see, he was a little hesitant at first, I think it was colder than he expected. But, it was not long before he was laughing and splashing. He stayed in the pool for 45 minutes, and loved it. It was the best four dollar purchase in quite some time. Matt got to get 18 holes of golf in, and most importantly- ribs were barbecued. Holy cow, yes, they were as tasty as they look. I swear they get better every time. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend. Welcome back to Michigan Heather!

25 May 2008

having fun so far this weekend...

Aren't you proud of me- updates three days in a row! I am so excited that the weekend is not over yet. We have been so relaxed. Yesterday, we picked up the plate that we made at Make it Yours! last weekend. It is very cute if I do say so my self. We put Tommy's footprints on a plate. Then, we went shopping and to the park. Tommy got to play in the sand. He loves getting dirty!! Today, we went to Gee Farms. Check it out, it is this AWESOME farm about 5 minutes from our house. Matt and I love to walk around. They have so many flowers, trees, veggies, bushes,etc. I love going there. There is ice cream there too, but we have yet to partake in that. Although it gets harder and harder to resist every time.Thomas loved feeling the different leaves on the trees, and we even got to see a baby pony, it was adorable. Well, we have grilled almost every meal this weekend, and Matt's famous ribs are up tomorrow, I can not wait. Happy Memorial Day!

24 May 2008

garden pictures

So, as I expressed in yesterdays blog, I am quite proud of my green thumb this year. Not being pregnant has helped with the motivation to water, weed, dig, etc. and the garden looks pretty good so far. Most things are on the verge of blooming. so here is the updated garden...The flowers I so brilliantly chose are: (Left to right)
  • Foxglove (pink spikey flower, the hummingbirds and butterflies loved this one last year)
  • the Irises around the tree
  • the Irises that I did not plant- just threw them in the woods
  • Ornamental Onion
  • Hanging basket with Petunias and Superbells
  • Day Lillies
  • Purple emperor sedum (this has spread considerably since last year)
  • lavender (probably the plants that have struggled the most, but I think that I have saved them)
  • Shasta Dasies- my personal favorite
  • Hosta (this one has purple flowers)
  • John Creech Sedum Hybrid- has cute little pink flowers, you can step on this once or twice a day, and it has no adverse reaction, thus it is planted around the stepping stones, and has absolutely taken off since it was planted last year.
  • Matt's pig, with diamond frost Euphorbia
  • pot on the deck with one of my gnomes
  • Beard Tongue (already these are about 3 times the size that it was last year, I think that they were being choked out last year, but they have more room now and they seem to appreciate it very much.)
  • The maple tree that we bought from QVC, so far so good, we staked it.
  • Asiatic Lilies- probably the prettiest flower that grows in our garden, they are awesome and are pretty darn tall this year.
  • another gnome
So...that's it. I know it is boring to most of you, but I am loving this whole gardening experience. I think that Matt and I are going to buy some tomatoes and cucumbers to grow on the side of the house and that will be the extent of the veggies this year, but eventually we will be putting in a small veggie garden in the back, we'll see.

23 May 2008

I officially have an iris issue...

So I know you are all anxious to hear about how Thomas is doing. All is well. Well, all is better than it was. Took him in for his 9 month appointment a month early, because the doctor wanted to monitor the progress that he is making. We have discovered that the lack of weight gain has a lot to do with an allergy or intolerance to bananas and blueberries. That is what has been causing the crazy amount of puking. Then there was the ear infection and his adverse reaction to the medication, more puking. Anyhow...the doctor is hoping that now that we have both of these things under control, we will be able to start packing on the pounds...or ounces. We are hoping that he gains a pound or so in the next three weeks, or else we have to take him for a bunch of lab tests. Not fun... Otherwise though, he is still the happy, content little baby we all know and love. He is just a little well...little. He getting taller, and still has a head circumference that is almost off the charts. I like to think he gets his big melon from all those brains. I have been bad about taking pictures lately, but I have a couple pretty cute ones... My new favorite thing that Tommy does is passing toys, or whatever it is that he has in his hand to you. He is so amused just handing things back and forth. Oh, and today, he discovered the joy of getting dirty. I was weeding, and he sat next to me and dug a hole in the dirt and was SO HAPPY about it. He was laughing out loud, and just kept looking at me like "I can not believe you are letting me do this...this is AWESOME!" Super cute. Here is your Tommy fix...

Anyhow, I officially have and iris issue. They are taking over my world. Does anybody want any? Seriously, I am definately dividing them at the end of the growing season. Last year I threw the extra bulbs in the woods on our property, because , frankly there was no more room in the garden. I did not plant them, litterally just tossed them in the woods, ant they are growing like crazy in the middle of a forest. I thought I had just a few around the tree, and there are tons. Don't get me wrong, I love them, that is why they are there, I just worry that they will choke everything else out. I am so proud of the garden that Matt dug out for me. I love every plant that I have put in it. Really, I am a garden dork. I even bought 2 gmomes that hang off of my plants. They are cool, I don't care what anybody says. Matt gets his pig, I get my gnomes. I was going to post some garden pictures, but blogger is not cooperating, somewhere, the system must know that none of you care to see the garden, you just want more Tommy pictures. I get the message...
Lastly, welcome to the blog Xavier, glad Heddy finally told you about it. I hope you two are having a great weekend. Can't wait to see you again!!

13 May 2008

So, I know it has been a while, and I have no good excuse, just haven't posted in a while. The garden is coming along nicely, the ornamental onion has just started blooming today. Very pretty. I will get pictures at some point before it is done, hopefully. Also, I have freed myself of some of my junk. April Sue's momma had a garage sale, and was willing to sell some of my stuff. It was so liberating to go down in the basement an clear some of our stuff out. Things we have not used since we got married. IT WAS AWESOME!! And... the even better news is that she plans to have another sale in a few weeks, and I will be able to give her more. I am so excited. We found Matt's fourth grade journal in the process, and it was quite interesting to peer into the life of a fourth grade Matt Fall. We discovered that his attention to detail began younger than Matt had estimated. "then we went to Grama's house for ...oh...22 minutes, I was 4 2/4 tired." We had a good laugh reading through the stresses of a fourth grader. Anyhow, Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the mammas out there! We went to Saginaw and visited my family, although the trip sprouted out of a need for a place to stay because I went to Kris's shower in Freeland on Saturday, it was great to visit family. We had good food, naps, and lots of playing... And, we even got to see Matt's parents for a while, it was a great weekend!! Here are some pictures...

Tommy's dinner spot

Dinner Saturday (Missy, Jordan, Bill, My Dad, Heddy, and My Mamma)

Bill and Jordan

As previously stated...naps were had

I am suprised he was willing to nap in his crib again after all of the cuddles that he got this weekend! But...he has adjusted well.

My boys...Aren't they cute??

I really like these pictures, he is such a cuddle bug!

Fun at the PlayScape, Timmy at his finest!! :)

04 May 2008

A swinging good day....

Well, we went to the park again today. Remembered the camera this time...

The Garden...so far

So, as many of you know, Matt and I built a perennial garden last year. A lot of the flowers are coming back. I am so excited that I did not kill anything, other than the canna. I knew that the canna would not come back though, because I was supposed to dig it up at the end of the year, and I was otherwise occupied with being nine months pregnant when it was time to do the digging. We went this weekend to Menards to get a couple of annuals for all of my pots. So I took a picture of a couple of them. I realize now that I did not take a picture of my amazing lillies, so I will at some point. Anyhow, here are some of the flowers that are coming back. I did not want to totally bore you with all of them, so I have narrowed down the pics to these... Happy Spring!! I love this season :)

Daisies- my favorite - I can not wait.

Okay...I would just like to point out that Matt picked this pot out...seriously...he found it at Menards and asked if I would like to buy it, very cute. By the way that is diamond frost "euphorbia" in the pig.


parrot tulip (one of my favorites)

petunias and superbells

Japanese Maple Tree (added this year)

deck pot (petunias and diamond frost)

Beard's Tongue


How did that picture get in here??