24 February 2009


Daddy got something in the mail today. Tommy did not care what it was. The important thing is that it came in a box.

23 February 2009


Hello! Life in the Fall house has been okie dokie lately. . Yes, I did say "okie dokie". I am bringing the phrase back. Along with "yepper pepper". But, I digress...working like crazy, but glad to have jobs. Tommy is growing like a weed. He is getting too smart for his own good. Matt has been painting. I can't wait to post some pictures of all of the painting the hubby has been doing. It is turning out soooooooooo nice! That will come soon enough, we are getting close to finished and by "we", I really mean "he", I am not the painter in the house. I shovel driveways and play with the kid, those are my main household duties. :) Anyhow, here are some pics and videos of the kid...enjoy!!

Smiling for the camera...he is so interested in the camera now.

Showing you his monkey, his favorite stuffed toy by far. I do not know why. He has just decided it needs to be with him everywhere.

Sitting with Daddy and the monkey, getting ready to read.

Going nuh-night...with the monkey.

Now for those of you who wanted me to post more videos, here are a couple of the cutie. The first one is him being indecisive. He never seems to be able to make up his mind...

The next is him splashing in the tub, a bit camera shy though, usually it is much more...wet...Anyhow, I always sing him this song about the rain, he loves it...
"The rains came down and the floods came up (3 times), and the house on the rock stood firm. The rains came down ant the floods came up (3 times), and the house on the sand went SPLAT!"
When I sing "the rains came down", I just shake my fingers from above his head, down to the water. When I sing "the floods came up" I splash water from the tub into his face...he loves this...Both times I say house, put my fingers together and make a little"house", and of course when I say "Splat" I splash the water...then he splashes a lot of water...I am telling you...he is a crazy splasher...

The next video is him introducing you to his favorite animal

Tickling the monkey...

12 February 2009


No, I am not referring in the title to how long it has been since I have last posted, I am simply referring to the fact that it has been 4 glorious years today that Matthew and I have been a blissfully married couple :) Anyhow...We have been up to lots, I have included a video of Tommy for those of you who are excited about seeing the little guy. He is talking like crazy. His list of vocab grows every day. Just because I am so proud, I am going to attempt to list as many of his words here: Mommy, Daddy, Tommy, Dash, Bop (grandpa Fall), Nana (Grandma Ferguson), Chloe, Nolan, Mia, Christa, Pat, Chico, hi, bye, stop, off, down, blue, guy, sit down, all done, up, baby, Taggie, na-night, kiss, thank you, please, pizza, fruit, apple, juice, milk, one, two (demonstrated in video), again, yes, yeah, no,blow, hot, cold, get down, shoes, socks, feet, hand, hair, belly, eyes, ears, nose, mine, you, bed, snack, tub, peek-a-boo. That is all I can come up with now, but essentially, he repeats anything. It is so darn cute. I have got to get video of him "reading". He loves to sit down with a book and blabber.