19 April 2008


I had a great day today- aside from spending more money on my car and dropping Matt's off at the repair shop when we picked mine up- but we are not even going to go there.

What a beautiful day! Sunny and 77 most of the day. We were supposed to get rain on and off, but it never came. Anyhow...I got to clear out half of the front garden, so far, most of my flowers look pretty good. The only thing that does not appear to be coming back is the cardinal flower, but they did not do too well last year. The daffodils and hyacathins are blooming and smelling awesome. I will take some pics of the garden once it is all cleaned out. My fingernails are quite dirty, just the way I like them! By the way, I did remember sunscreen today. I learned my lesson.

Also, Matt and I took Tommy to the park down at the lake, and he LOVED the swing. It was so cute. He kept bracing himself, but laughing the whole way. We tried the slide, and he did not hate it, but did not love it either.

Well, I've gotta go rescue Matt, he is trying to read for school, and Thomas is being quite loud. TTFN!!


Peyton and Brennan said...

It was an amazing day! I love this weather. Bren took off his shirt and ran around in his little boy capri pants to let the sun shine on his 'boobies'. I have no idea where he comes up with half this stuff!

A full house... said...

This weather is perfect. We have all been out as much as we possibly can and have the freckles to prove it!