06 April 2008

A great Fergie weekend

We ate (Matt's famous ribs), we slept (lots of naps on the couch), we had fun (baseball/softball game, search and find book, a trip to the park (the boys), registering for wedding stuff (the girls) and watching Tommy do cute stuff). The only people missing were Missy and Xavier, and they were missed. I think all who were here had a good time. Here are some pictures of the weekend at the Fall house:

Tommy Sleeping at the JCC Softball Game

The whole crew (minus Bill and Heddy) watching Softball

Dad aka "Pop" with Timmy at the JCC Baseball Game

The famous ten dollar search and find book

Yummy oatmeal- it tastes much better when Gram feeds you.

Resting their eyes on the couch.

Chico cuddling up

More search and find

Tommy enjoying the weather (and his book)

Pop and Timmy in the back yard

Overall the weekend was quite a success. Yipee!!


Anonymous said...

hi! i just started a blog and i wa wondering if you could let me know, how to you add pictures? I am new at all this stuff so i need help!

A full house... said...

What fun...it's so nice to have some Spring weather.

Cara Masselink said...

Looks like you guys had some GreaT weather! Maybe after this weekend it'll return...Oh, and Jake and Brieann are visiting in May..and Deanna and Nick in June probably. So let us know if you guys want to come up at all!