29 April 2008

Backpack addiction

So, I have discovered the ease of having Tommy in a backpack. I LOVED my sling, but he is too big for that now, and I can not for the life of me figure out the front pack. Half of the time I get it wrong and give up. But the Kelty Wanderer that Aunt Janet, Mandy and Allie got for us is amazing. He fits into it perfectly, and I have two free hands. Tommy and I hung out all weekend with this thing, and we took a couple of walks with Dash with it. I can not seem to push a stroller and walk the dog at the same time, but this worked well. The only issue we have is that he no longer likes stroller rides at day care. He will just have to get over that.

Moving along... I have recently felt as if I have lost all sense of femininity in my life. I mean, I was never a girly girl or anything, but I feel I have reached some new low in self maintenance. My job, being in athletics, lends itself to dressing comfortably. Despite what Matt might say about my job (he tells people that I cook hot dogs and play volleyball for a living) I do a lot of work. I never know day to day what I may end up doing. Somehow, wearing a skirt and heels would NEVER work. So, I don't. EVER. In fact many times I end up dressing in sweats, because it is just too gosh darn cold out there during a baseball game when I am taking pictures for the website, or filling in for a sick athletic director, or just doing my job. Which, by the way, no one really knows what my "job" is right now. I am no longer managing the weight room on a regular basis, which is just fine with me. I am just filling in the cracks in the athletic department. Making sure we have concessions, concession workers, announcers, signing up athletes for community service events, managing progress reports and study hall logs for atheltes, scheduling the gym and the fields, etc. Basically, I help my boss wherever he needs me. It is a lot of fun, and most of the time I love it. I love my co-workers (props to April Sue here...) and I have a huge sense of pride in my work. It is great to be a JET. Getting back to my point...I never do anything with my hair, and can not remember the last time I wore make up. I do not get excited about clothes, shoes, or anything of the like. I have a very full closet, but very few clothes for my new body, and I think this contributes to the problem. Like I said, I never was prissy, but I do miss the little bit of feminine Kate. I can tell you where every team in Michigan JUCO Baseball and Softball stand, and talk about the NFL Draft until the cows come home, but I do not even know if pointy or square or rounded toe shoes are in style. It frustrates me to have lost myself in this. It feels like I do not have the time in the day or week to do anything about it either... so I probably won't. It is not that big of a deal, it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

So I'm laughing hysterically about the golf pic. And honestly I wish on certain days I could get away with wearing less dressy clothes. But then when I do dress down because Im just tired (or don't put make up on) people ask if I'm okay (it doesn't help I've been fighting the sinus thing, etc).

I think you are fine and at some point you will get back into the swing of little bits of girl. You have a lot on your plate and the "not knowing" what your day will look like doesn't lend to putting minutes/hours into selecting outfits, hair, make up, etc. Also, while the spit up thing is still happening that doesn't really fit with some dress clothes either (or any really)... ask me. Hee Hee. But luckily we have a kabota or golf cart ready to save the day (sometimes!)

Maybe I'll have a mary kay party and we can get fancied up for the night... a theme maybe (with some beverages!) I need some new foundation that is not store bought anyway.

You know you are the greatest and I'm so lucky to have you to vent to... so props, snaps and a bit standing ovation to you for putting up with me!

PS can we do olive garden lunch one day in the upcoming weeks? I wanna try the soup but wouldn't do it for dinner... I like the salad n alfredo too much!

Oh and in case I forget (holidays and things are NOT my thing)... Happy First Mummies Day!

Heather said...

I suggest you buy something really girlie and put it on your desk. Like a potted plant in a pink pot of a flower pen. Something no man would ever be caught dead using and then when you are not feeling girlie use the flower pen :-) it could be your happy pen. Have you ever thought about how much it sucks to wear nylons everyday???? I think about it everyday when I am at my desk trying to figure out how to fix them without anyone noticing. I would love to wear sweats to work everyday. I never thought that I would miss being able to sit indian style everyday but I do. So next time you are feeling bad think about wearing heels and nylons everyday....... not fun.