22 August 2009

The dog, the myth, the legend

Dash, the wonder doggie, has a new forever home. He has retired to a lake house. He is loving it, and so are his new family members. He has a little furry brother to play with, and a great yard and house situation. We have been looking to do this for about six months now, but were waiting for the right family to come around. It was incredibly difficult on us to make this decision, but in the end it was for the best. He is a fantastic pet, but he has an unusually high amount of dander, making it very difficult for our family and friends with allergies to enjoy a visit to our house. We also have found ourselves traveling more, and it just was not working. We hemmed and hawed about it for quite a while. Tommy does not seem to be too worried about it either, he has only asked about Dash twice since the move, and I just tell him, "Dash lives with a new family now." and that seems to be satisfactory to him. I thought Tommy would ask more questions, but he simply has moved on pretty quickly. Matt and I miss him terribly, but are happy that he is happy. It has been a week now, and it is still strange for Matt and I to go to bed without the furry little dude following along to the room. We still are careful about not leaving the door open for more than about a half second. It was very weird for me to come home to see Matt mowing the lawn without this happy little guy tied out to the tree, enjoying the breeze. But... no more barking when the garage door opens, no more kicking him off of the couch every time I get back into the living room, and best of all, the vacuuming situation will be drastically different. We may be able to vacuum without having to dump out the container 3 times before we are finished. Still, it is a little odd. But Dash is very okay with this decision, I have been in contact with his new mommy, and he has transitioned beautifully. It is just a little odd for us. It is what it is. I guess I can look forward to being able to wear black pants again without making sure that I have a lint roller in the car. If nothing else, there is always that.


Show Yourself said...

Oh, how sad! So, I tell Trav that you found Dash a new home, and he says, "Do they want 2 more dogs?". Ha. Ha. He talks all tough, but when we've threatened to find them new homes in the past he's the one that caves. I totally understand your want for less hair though, Rocky sheds about 5 dogs worth every 2 days. It's tough, but I totally understand where you are coming from! G'luck with the transition, sounds like it's going well!

Anonymous said...

We also loved Dash He is such a beautiful dog. Perhaps it was in fact I am sure Providence helped you find a new and wonderful home for him.

On the up side, cleaning, and traveling will be easier small comfort I am sure

I am looking forward to spending time with Tommy on fridays and if it works maybe I can do it more often 2nd semester.
WE LOVE YOU and miss you
Hope you can come to TC for Labor Day Uncle Terry is coming for sure.
Love MOM

Liane said...

Awww, Rosie, Emma, and I will miss Dash! He'll have to find two new girlfriends to play with!