31 August 2009

the darndest things

Some recent Tommy sayings:

"Oh...I made a big mess mamma."

"I want more watermelon, Lisa." (daycare teacher: "Tommy that is all of the watermelon your mommy packed") "It's okay, just call mamma."

"Can I please see pop row row in a few minutes?"

"Mia, I ride a train, did you ride a train?"

"I got a owie on my elmo" (Daddy, "You mean your elbow, Tommy?") "Yes, my elmo."

"Mamma, I spitting. Spitting is a bad idea. Spitting rude, okay mamma?"

He is all over this communicating thing. It is pretty cute. Had a fantastic weekend with my family. He misses "Uncle Bill and everybody" a lot.

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