09 June 2009

what a cute little voice...

The little dude has been especially cute lately, I find myself reaching for the camera at all times. I just feel like I need to capture it all...

Here are some cute pictures of Tommy announcing that he is going to "sneak" into the garden, Tommy once he is in the garden (it must be confusing to him that I am telling him to get out of the garden and taking a picture of it at the same time, I am sure it sent a mixed message. I refer to myself as the "Mommaratzi"sometimes. I should probably put the camera down and parent...) Also included are photos of Tommy's rock collection. He is so proud of his rocks. He will tell you which ones are heavy, which are flat, etc. There is also a photo of Tommy "Helping" water the garden, and one of him eating an entire apple (a fairly large one) on his own.

We took a bike ride to the park and the lake on Sunday, there are a couple of photos of Daddy and Tommy wading in the water. Lastly, my son's favorite breakfast cereal is now Frosted mini-wheats, he will even eat them dry! In the mini-wheats photo, he is telling me to put the camera down. I should probably listen to him...

So the first video is Tommy singing his ABC's. Or at least some semblance of an attempt to do this. He is very quickly distracted by his dinosaur.
The next video is what Matt refers to as my best video yet. Tommy does 10 little monkeys. Somewhat. His voice is so darn cute! See ya later!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love my Tommy, his mommy and daddy

can't wait to see you soon
gramma Fall