18 June 2009

This is how I brush my teeth

By Tommy.

Step one. Let mom do the brushing.

Step two. Get frustrated. Demand to do it myself.

Step three. Get toothbrush wet.
Step four. Suck water off the toothbrush. Repeat steps three and four as many times as possible, until mom turns off the water.


Cara Masselink said...

He is growing up so cute! What fun! Adalynn started LOVING the monkey song the other day - and we have the book - it is the MUST HAVE book when on the potty. Then, for the next 30min she walks around the house saying, "No Monkey, No Monkey" and "Oo oo, Ah Ah" because that's what monkeys say, of course!
Gotta love 'em... :) Seriously, if you're ever around the west side, give us a call!

Anonymous said...

Brush away those cavities Little Man
Love Gramma