12 February 2009


No, I am not referring in the title to how long it has been since I have last posted, I am simply referring to the fact that it has been 4 glorious years today that Matthew and I have been a blissfully married couple :) Anyhow...We have been up to lots, I have included a video of Tommy for those of you who are excited about seeing the little guy. He is talking like crazy. His list of vocab grows every day. Just because I am so proud, I am going to attempt to list as many of his words here: Mommy, Daddy, Tommy, Dash, Bop (grandpa Fall), Nana (Grandma Ferguson), Chloe, Nolan, Mia, Christa, Pat, Chico, hi, bye, stop, off, down, blue, guy, sit down, all done, up, baby, Taggie, na-night, kiss, thank you, please, pizza, fruit, apple, juice, milk, one, two (demonstrated in video), again, yes, yeah, no,blow, hot, cold, get down, shoes, socks, feet, hand, hair, belly, eyes, ears, nose, mine, you, bed, snack, tub, peek-a-boo. That is all I can come up with now, but essentially, he repeats anything. It is so darn cute. I have got to get video of him "reading". He loves to sit down with a book and blabber.


Cara Masselink said...

CONGRATS on your 4 year wedding anniversary!! :) How fun! Hope you guys got a chance to go out sans the child!
And speaking of Tommy, he is growing up soooo much! And is so cute. We're gonna have to get the kids together sometime...maybe this spring? to play. They'd have a ball. Maybe, if we get this basement done, T and I'll host a "Theta Xi" get together at our house this spring. :)
Adios Amiga!

Liane said...

Oh my goodness, time flies! And Tommy is HUGE! I'll have to make a Michigan trip up there soon. I'm sure Dash would love a couple playmates for a weekend!