21 October 2008

the big mystery...

So, we had a good weekend, Matt and I made applesauce on Sunday. It is quite yummy! While we were discussing who should stir the apples, Thomas was trying to figure out where the strange square of light came from. It was a mystery.

What is this box of light doing on the carpet???
Does it look different close up???

How about from this angle???
Where is it coming from?? Maybe over here in the corner...

Well, the mystery was put on hold, because the applesauce was cooling on the stove, so we went out to play in the leaves, Tommy had a great time. He loved it.

Tonight, Tommy and Mommy went for a walk. It was 40 degrees. Did Mommy overdress Tommy? Maybe. Did he look adorable? Yes. Did he say hi to everyone we saw on the walk? Yes.

That's about it for now... Thanks for stopping by...Oh yeah, by the way, we officially have a certified walker on our hands. He now prefers walking to crawling, and will walk all the way across the room and is adorable while doing it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie - I just happened to go onto the work website tonight to do something and found your e-mail. I love the pictures. Tommy looks so grown up next to James. The same thing happened to Bill when Michelle was born! Keep up the blogging - we do enjoy it. Yikes - I forgot how to make this comment register - its Aunt Martha, but I am going to have to send it as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

my favorite of all times is Tommy trying to figure out the light

WE MISS you all but Bopa esp misses his Tommy

maybe you can come for a visit over memorial day
Guess what Chris is flying into TC foe 1 day we are picking her up tomorrow
Love mom