27 March 2008

NEVER buy an Alero

Thank your lucky stars that Oldsmobile is dead...you will not be tempted to EVER buy their product. Tommy and I were stuck in the bank parking lot today with a car that would not start, because Oldsmobile has this "fantastic" anti-theft system. Basically, if the wiring gets off line or something, you can never start your car again-unless- you pay the dealer a thousand bucks. It was horrible. I hope to get my car back tomorrow, the running tally is re-freagin-diculous. We have thus far replaced the following things:
  • the transmission
  • heater fan
  • HVAC module (twice)
  • wiper transmission (twice)
  • brakes
  • alternator
  • tie rods
  • side mirror
  • front bumper (some crazy lady hit me when I was pregnant)
  • body control module
  • lock pass module
  • PLUS...every time I do not click the gas cap exactly 3 times- no more, no less- the service engine soon light comes on, which is no biggie, just very irritating
I should mention that this is a 2004. So...if it were a kid, he would be in preschool.

I think I have ranted enough. Have a good one!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I feel really bad about all the car stuff. I was VERY excited that the apartment got some Tommy time (well Matt too!).

You guys are always welcome to hang at my place... and well as long as mom isn't too far away... I would be happy to hang out with lil' Tom during the day! :)


Matt said...

Lock pass cylinder which was ruined by the bcm.

I hate this car! I mean uh...

Anybody need a really sweet ride? Gets ok gas mileage and the radio works (for now).

Cara Masselink said...

That is sooo not cool! Can't believe it's only an '04. Grrr.

Peyton and Brennan said...

We had the same exact Alero, same color even. I hated it, though we never spent a dime fixing it up, it was horrible to drive. Also an 04 I believe. It was a stick and took too much energy to drive. I couldn't hand the kids stuff, drink my Diet Coke and talk on my phone. I was useless!