06 March 2008

Day off

So...I did not have to work today! Now, a year ago, that meant sleeping in, watching TV, and making a yummy dinner. Then, there was Tommy. We were up at 4:45, and he went back to sleep quickly, I just tucked him in and put my hand on his chest. So, I thought I was good for another hour or two. Went back to bed, and Matt's alarm went off at 5. Then he remembered he did not have to go into work until later today. So, back to sleep. Tommy got up hungry at about 5:30, and after eating went back to sleep. So I went back to sleep, until 7:15 when I was done sleeping. No clue why, just done. Geez...I never thought I would reach the point in my life where my body was done with sleep by 7:15. Anyhow, tried to take a bath, but as soon as my feet hit the water, Tommy woke up. So, I ended up showering with him in the bouncy seat next to the shower. After I was clean, Tommy ate some breakfast, and we packed up to go to the YMCA. I needed to finish registering him for swimming lessons. So, I ran into some people there that I used to work with, and of course they are in love with the little guy. I know they were all shocked at my size (3 pant sizes bigger than when I worked there). No one said anything though. I found out that the girl teaching our lesson on Saturday is one that I trained and hired to work there. I hope that there is no akwardness. Anyhow, I think that is it for the day. We came home and he is taking a nap right now, we'll see how long that lasts. I think I am going to attempt to make him a blanket. Which will make Matt happy. He bought me a sewing maching for Christmas one year, and I do not use it nearly enough. I'll see how the blanket making goes.


Chris and Michael said...

you are too cute. I love it. I'm too embarrassed to let the world know anything about the Getto house. I think the name says it all.

April Sue said...

Uh... so will you make me a blanket? And I woud like lil' phrases and pictures of fun stuff on it such as um... fruit cups, mac n cheese... and I'm sure some Stevie B or Mr RS words. :)

Cara Masselink said...

Yah!! I am sooooo very excited about your blog! :) Sweetness. I'll keep checking for updates on you guys and Tommy. We so need to get together soon. Love from the Masselinks!