03 February 2010

Philosophy class with Thomas Fall

So... Here are a few of the latest Tommy conversations:

"When I get big I am going to play cards and eat mints."

"My sister is going to wear clothes? Really mom? She is going to be real?"

"We don't eat poop. That would be rediculous. And Yucky."

"It is rude to put poop on your face. We don't put poop on our face. We just look at it. We don't touch our poop. It is rude."

(looking at a crucifix) "Mom, there is a guy on that cross" Me: "Yes buddy, his name is Jesus." Tommy: "No, mom, that's not Jesus. Jesus is a baby, I sawed him at church. That is his Daddy." (I start to think that I could get into a conversation about the Trinity with him, but opt to say, "No, that is Jesus too." for now.)

"No, Mom, that thing is not the waffle maker, Daddy is the waffle maker."

"If I have a mouth and you have a mouth and I have a leg and you have a leg, why don't you have a penis?"

"I know this is a green yogo, but actually, this one is green too."

(getting ready to sit down on his bathroom stepstool) "This is an ottoman that is my size. I don't have to climb to sit on it. It is my ottoman."

That is all for now...

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Cara said...

Hahaha. Those are great!
Glad to hear you guys are up and running around! :) Take care!