19 December 2009

It's a sister!

It's a sister! Tommy has a picture up on his bedroom window, and is very proud. I have decided that I am completely incapable of blogging. I was going to use Facebook as an excuse, but I am terrible at updating that too.

In other news, Potty training was a quick huge success. Less than a week! Woohoo! Next on the task list, cleaning out the computer room to make room for sister!


Show Yourself said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We totally didn't know you are pregnant at all!!! Hope you and baby are doing good, and yah! Girls rock!! (so do boys, you know!) We are SO happy for you, 2 is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Show Yourself said...

(oh, this is Cara, Trav must be logged in!)

Brenna Lewis said...

Congratulations! What an amazing big brother Mr. Tommy will be!!