07 July 2009

Still at grandma and grandpa's

My son is having about the best vacation that a 1 3/4 year old can have... There has been the air show. (it was loud-that is why everyone has thier ears protected- thanks to Uncle Eric). Tommy now is obsessed with planes. I do not know how this little boy is going to function independtly when he get home, after being waited on hand and foot by his adorable cousins. He is really soaking it all up. Next, we got to go ride on the Manitu, and have 5 servings of Moomers ice cream. It was amazing. The view from the ship was breathtaking. Tommy is now obsessed with boats. Tommy is also now obsessed with ice cream. Also, everyone is enjoying the new back yard! The waterfall is so natural and relaxing! Only a few more days of resting relaxing and having fun. Too bad there are no jobs for Matt and I up here... we love this area!! And I just need to mention it again... Does life get any better than this for a little boy? Tommy is now obsessed with Grandpa.


Cara Masselink said...

Too fun! Isn't it great to see them love their grandparents?! Adalynn is obsessed with planes right now too...everyone that goes overhead (that she even just hears!) it's "Pwane, Pwane, up up in the sky!" :) Tell Tommy 'hi' from us!

Allie said...

I can't believe I didn't know you guys would be up here! Leave it to me to plan my only trip down to Lansing at the same time. GGGGRRRRRR Wish I could have seen you!