09 September 2008

a list of tommy's words...

  • Wow
  • Doggie
  • Mommy
  • Daddy (although he thinks it is hilarious to call Matt daggie)
  • grampa (baba)
  • Bye (he is most proud of this one)
  • No (scary, isn't it)
  • Hi
He is growing up so fast!! Oh yeah, and did I mention that he took an independent step this weekend. My heart is breaking with pride (and fear that he will be running everywhere soon and I will not be able to keep up!!) Make sure you look at the post below for obvious information about how proud I am of my recently married little sister.


Peyton and Brennan said...

you haven't blogged much this summer and I can't believe how Tommy went from a baby to a toddler that fast.

He's adorable!

Cara Masselink said...

How fun. He is just too cute! I'm excited...definately have to come visit when your sister moves up here. When is he 1? Soon, isn't it?

A full house... said...

When your sister "moves up here"???What's that all about?
OH, and Happy Birthday to Thomas!