01 July 2008

running after spending all day in heels

So, I had to get dressed up today for work. And I think I looked pretty darn good. We had a meeting with many of the athletic directors from other colleges, and I figured sweatpants were not appropriate. Anyhow, I walked around all day in heels and my feet were killing me by the end of the day, because I was just not used to it. Oh my goodness, I was so not ready for the pain that would come on my run tonight though. Holy cow! My calves were so tight when I was done, that walking was actually more painful than running and I had to have Matt stretch out my legs because I could not even stand very well by the end of it. My legs were rock solid, and I could not get the pain to go away. After a hot shower and an hour on the couch I am back in the land of the living. The worst part about it was that I felt really good otherwise during the run. I was not out of breath at any point, and I was actually feeling great in the cardio department, my lower legs just would not cooperate. I have just learned that I probably can not handle running at night after a long day in very uncomfortable shoes.

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