08 June 2008

rain rain go away...

Matt and I took Tommy to the lake today. And he liked it. I am not going to say he loved it, because it was a bit wavy today (lots of boats out). But it was a good experience. Plus, Matt and I have lived 2 minutes from the lake for quite some time now, and it was our first time in the lake. Tommy got to "swim" in his little blow up pool for a little while on Saturday, between the rain. Other than that, lots of rain. Tons of it. Matt mowed the lawn on Thursday, and he is quite upset that it already looks like it could be cut again. Anyhow, that is really about it. The rain kept us inside most of the weekend. :( Oh yeah, with all of this rain, my veggie garden is doing really well. I am very proud and excited. No Tommy pictures, did not take any this weekend, but here is a look at the irises that are taking over my world.

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Cara Masselink said...

I'm loving your irises. I may have to live vicariously through you this year, I don't think that mine are going to come up until next year. Or maybe we didn't plant any, I can't remember!
It does seem like there's no way it's been a year. But then, I'm sure we'll say that at Tommy and Adalynn's first birthday too. Then second. Then third. Grrrr.